Sunday, June 13, 2010

We survived...again

This fits here because the last few weeks it has been kind of an obsession making sure everything goes right!

As some of you may know, every year I plan an outing to the local Schaumburg Flyers baseball game. This year, because we have 2 Pre-K classes - it has been our biggest one yet.  130 tickets!  This includes most of the kids and their families!  Of course after I get the tickets passed out theres not much I can do except for hope for good weather! Unfortunately all week they were calling for rain and thunderstorms Friday. We got VERY lucky except for a few brief sprinkles - and the kids had a great time!  



  1. AWWW!! Really cute kids. And you numbered them!!! Did you make the shirts or order them?

  2. We made them. The kids and I tie-dyed them and then used sharpie to put the numbers on. We are wearing them on a field trip next month and I had this idea of kind of forcing them to chose a number between 1-20 so we would know who was missing (kind of like Jon and Kate + 8!)

  3. Really great work especially for children that age. And such a smart idea to number them. I bet the kids enjoyed the project, and it's good for the adults to have them in a sort of uniform. Thumbs up all the way around!! So did your team win or lose?

  4. Tie dye isn't that hard. Just squirt the ink on in the section on want it (truthfully I did most of the work they kind of told me where to go). As for the numbers - I stenciled them on and they colored them in. The bright colors definitely helped us locate our kids! Luckily our team won after a nasty 4 game losing streak. I think their record is like 5-15. Not like we watched the game anyway!

  5. Great outing and 'coordination', SG! 5-15? ouch... sounds like they are competing with the Barons (my area minor league team) for worst record - Barons are at 20-44 or something like that...

    Oh season is just around the corner! :-]

    In the Meantime,