Thursday, June 3, 2010

More pictures

For once, most of Memorial Day turned out to be absolutely beautiful. So the fam and I decided to stay far away from the city (thank you, Blackhawks) and go to the Chicago Botanical Gardens out here in the suburbs. Of course my camera tagged along!  Enjoy!


  1. SG these pictures are lovely! It makes me miss working in a nursery...allergies and all...LOL!

  2. What beautiful colors! Nothing quite like spending a relaxing day exploring the beauty of nature. Lovely pics!

  3. Killer!!! Quite the shutterbug... looks like a nice place! Our local Botanical Gardens are fixing to be 'updated' with new buildings and stuff... a bit overdue. I take my daughter out there every now and then - it's free, and she likes to run around looking at stuff... although I can't find a Ginger Rogers Rose in their rose garden... as my wife says, "It's all about the Ginger with you, isn't it?"