Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Say cheese!

Since this blog is about my obsessions I thought I'd take a moment to show off two of my other obsessions. Photography and Walt Disney World!


  1. Great stuff! Like the CinderGinger pic... I'm really hepped up on the Cinderella / Ginger collaboration... I think of the song 'So This Is Love', which would be TOTALLY in Ginger's wheelhouse, vocally... Let's put it this way, Ginger could sing that to me ANYTIME...:-}

    Man...Chip and Dale meets Liberace, no? It actually took me a few looks to figure out that picture... at first glance, it looked like the backs of some 'marshmellow dudes' with their heads actually C and D's cheeks, and C and D are off to the right, which is really their reflection... or does that make NO sense?
    Unfortunately, have never seen the 'electric parade' or whatever it is called... calls for another trip, right?

    Again, killer pics!!! keep posting the good stuff!


  2. Love "So This Is Love!" Well to me the picture looks like Chip and Dale playing the piano but thats because I took the picture! Dude I agree - its time for another trip - maybe wait until BamBam is a little older. My rule is that you shouldn't take kids until their primary mode of transportation is walking otherwise they won't remember it!

    But yeah, Spectromagic is going to Disneyland and Main Street Electrical Parade is coming back to Disney World. Not sure which one I prefer. Love the Spectromagic music better though!

  3. yup... well, we are probably foregoing a 'major' vacation this year, anyway...Bam Bam is still a bit young, and finances are a bit tight... best to store up a bit...

    I didn't know there were two different shows... I HAVE seen the EPCOT firework - lazer deal...it's quite cool!

  4. Beautiful pictures! The one with the castle in the night is great. Disney World seems so big!I'm going to Disneyland Paris next week, I'm so excited!

  5. GREAT pictures, SG!!! They make me want to head there and see the sights. (I haven't been to Disney World in many years.) I also love the picture of the giraffe. You didn't happen to get a full shot of this, did you?

  6. Well he's not eating but I got a full shot of the giraffe


  7. Oh WOW! He's a beauty. I love the picture of him eating, too.