Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pick Yourself Up...

So I have a couple of videos left to share from Ginger's appearance on the Steve Allen show and Ive been going back and forth which one to show you guys first - decision made.  Ive been a little stressed out today and lets just say - the song Ginger sings just kind of "spoke" to me.

I call this "Grown up Ginger"...Huey this one's for you ;) and you can tell she's spent some time on the stage at this point - her facial expressions are yes over the top, but brilliant!


  1. about a sight for sore eyes...I have been 'jonesing' for some Ginger...and this one was just perfect! Thanks, OGRE!!!
    Hope all is well in Chi-town...get those Cubbies a bit more fired up, won't ya? :-]


  2. Wow, that is quite a poofy little dress!

  3. Glad you liked it - did you hear about the big move they made today? Zambrano is going to be part of the bullpen for a while! Hopefully their suckiness does not rub off on him.

    Maggie - all I can think of now is Cary Grant saying "I like the way it sticks out...or is that you?"

  4. ..whoa, Z in relief? hmmmm...well, looks like they beat the brewers tonight, anyway, unless they completely fell apart in the 9th... we have been watching storm reports here most of the night...all is clear now, tho...

    My daughter has 'Monkey Business' in the minivan tube now...we watched the first half... I think when she goes sliding down the hallway is one of my all-time fave Ginger moments...

  5. Tell your daughter I think she's awesome! Love the hallway slide too - and the giggle afterwards is really cute!

  6. she really does enjoy watching Ginger movies... but she is REALLY a Cary Grant fan, so there you go and yes, she likes 'OUAH' as well... She is wrapping up school and dance for the year (well, by the end of May) -
    She is currently watching the History Channel series on America which started tonight... not sure if her teacher told them about it, but she seems very interested in it, which is cool! I love history NOW, but when I was a kid, wasn't too big on it - probably since it was 'forced' on me... things are a lot more interesting when you discover them in your own time and manner... wow, pretty philosophical for 11:00 pm, no? :-]

  7. Ginger AND Cary? a girl after my own heart! ;) Does she know that Cary and Ginger were an item at some point?