Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ginger and Steve part 2

Sorry about the title guys, I couldnt come up with anything cute like when Ginger was on the Dean Martin show (Instead of Fred and Ginger we could be Bourbon and Ginger?) Anyway this is the introduction to the Steve Allen show.

 There is a voice over so you can't really hear what they are saying but the VO is kind of cute.


  1. neat! Weird about the VO - who is doing that? It is pretty funny, tho...

  2. I dunno from what I can tell its supposed to be like a couple watching the show commenting as they come out. By the way - for the next couple you might want to back away from your keyboard - drool and electricity don't mix! ;)

  3. yeah, she is just WOWZERS in this...this phase, late 1950's early 1960's, she was ravishing, I think... when exactly was this from? I'm thinking about 57-58...

  4. Actually the date on the VHS tape is 1960 so I'm assuming its 1959 or 1960.