Thursday, April 29, 2010

Part 3

Heading for Florida tomorrow for a week so I better post another "Steve Allen" clip and not keep my loyal followers hanging.  
Before I post this one - I feel I better post a warning for a certain "Cabana Boy". 

WARNING: If you feel dizzy, short of breath, or suffer from back, neck or heart problems you may not want to view this video...also it is advised this video be viewed in a sitting position.  

Okay-  you have been warned!

Aren't you glad I posted a warning - I wasn't sure what Ginger in lingerie, heels and long hair would do.... ;)
Basically the concept is how a female presenting bar jokes could be very different than a male telling the same jokes.  
Interesting concept....


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  2. HaHa! Fun. Rumor has it that despite your warnings the paramedics had to be called to Huey's house. :D

    As for my take on the hair, I'd say the back is definitely a hairpiece and probably the top. What do you think?

    Enjoy Florida. Will you be going "Wheeee" in Orlando, basking on the east coast beaches, or examining the beaches on the west coast for oil? When you return I have something to pass along for another "hairpiece comment."

  3. I'm thinkin it is some sort of hairpiece because theres an odd headband in there. Heading to Disney! A day at our house in Florida then to Disney Sunday - Saturday morning then back to our house Saturday. Flight home early Sunday.

    Go ahead and send it - we have internet at Disney so I maybe checking in! Behave ya'll!

  4. ...I'm ok now... really, y'all. Thanks for the file - and the disclaimer or whatever... AWESOME!

    How can something be so funny and so... 8-P at the same time? Only Ginger, right?

    ...I kinda doubt if that was all her real hair, tho...

    OK - first of all, hope you get to Mickeyville in grand fashion... should be decent weather by now down's in the low 80's here, so may be downright hot there... have a great time!!!

    Oh, yeah... almost forgot - I tried to 'upload' the 'Ginger: My Story' files to YouShare, and i can only find two of other words, I have no idea how to 'group' files where I can reference them for, whenever you have time, just throw me a little tutorial deal, if that's cool... OR, is it just easier to link the files from my computer to the blog?

    Again, have fun!

    (an emotionally spent) VKMfan

  5. Okay try this. Log in to Youshare. Hopefully you have created a folder for the "Ginger files". At the top of the page it says something about Link Media Gallery or Post Media Gallery. Try copying and pasting that link to me.

  6. SG -- What I will be sending you is a video that I have yet to upload to RS. First I have to convert it, and I want to wait till Return takes a look at it for a little advice. I rather doubt you'll be downloading from RS at Disneyworld.

    Have a great vacation!!!

  7. Aw Fioraon thats no fair teasing!

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  9. CS - Nice to see a company that is responsive to the customer. What is DVDsEntertainment anyway?

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