Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Tequila and boats don't mix!" - Disney Magic Day 3 - Part II

After the 5k, I went back to the ship for a MUCH needed shower before heading down to the beach at Disney's private island Castaway Cay. I think we all agree that this was our prettiest day we've ever had on the island. We've had some real SCORCHERS but this day was not too hot with sunshine and beautiful blue sky! After settling on some chairs we got some island inspired drinks and enjoyed the beautiful day.

While we aren't really swimming people, we did enjoy cooling off a bit in the ocean.

 A couple of hours later was something I had looked forward to for the whole cruise - lunch! You would think a day on the island lunch would be just average...but once again Disney goes above and beyond! Hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, salads, baked beans and nice shady areas to sit.

After lunch, we headed back to the ship deciding we had enough of the sun for the day - and on top of that mom had signed us up for - the tequila and margarita tasting. I don't really like tequila but I DO like margaritas so I went...and at $15 each how could I pass it up?!

When we arrived we found out there were only 5 people attending the tasting at the Keys Lounge so the CM running it moved in closer so he didn't have to talk so loudly.

 At the tasting, each participant received three shots of tequila ranging in age (and expense). I was not a fan of any of them...yuck!

Next up was an orange margarita that was SUPER yummy! Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of it or what was in it because like most of them, I couldn't understand about 95% of what the Cast Member was saying :)

Next up, our host made us fresh margaritas using limes and Patron Silver! Good stuff! 

As we were wrapping up the bartender announced that they expected more people at the tasting so she had made WAAAY too much of the orange margarita and was making one for each of us to go! And they weren't tiny either!

We ended up taking our "to go's" out to the deck but pretty soon all of us were feeling the sun and probably more so the tequila! It was time to go back to our room anyway to get ready for dinner so we left what we couldn't finish and headed back to our stateroom.

That night, dinner was again at Animator's Palate and it was Pirate Night! This was first time I've ever gotten to experience Pirate Night at Animator's Palate and I was very excited about it because I heard that all of the pictures turn pirate themed for the night! Every where you looked there were characters and backgrounds from Peter Pan and Pirates of the Carribean.

 Of course everyone got into the spirit of the night by sporting their Pirates IN the Carribean bandanas that were waiting for us at our tables.  

Dinner was once again yummy and at the end, our scalywag crew of waiters got a little rambunctious and started a limbo line around the restaurant - this NEVER happened at Pirate Night in Enchanted Garden on the Fantasy or Royal Palace on the Dream! 

After dinner was the Pirates IN the Carribean party up on deck featuring all of our favorite characters in their best pirate attire, Mickey saving the day as he ascends from a zip line and fire works!

We did skip the Pirates In the Carribean late night buffet (including GIANT turkey legs) but can you blame us after such a fun, full day???

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