Thursday, June 12, 2014

"And Now Its Time To Say Goodbye..." Disney Magic Day 4

....well not quite yet! We still had one more full day aboard the Disney Magic!  On this day we made our way back from Castaway Cay to Port Canaveral so it was a pretty low key at-sea day.  We started... off our day with a relaxing breakfast at Cabanas (oh Cabanas how I miss you!). This day it was finally cool enough that we could eat outside on deck.

 After breakfast I was "good" and ran a couple of miles around Deck 4. Not easy in that humidity...and eating like that for 3 days probably doesn't help either. But how many people get to say they got to run on a cruise ship in the Atlantic Ocean!?  

The rest of my day was spent watching the Princess meet and greet and the character dance party in the atrium! If this doesn't get you in the Disney spirit - there's something seriously wrong with you! There was this one adorable little girl who was all about meeting the Princesses and posing with them and blowing them kisses! So sweet!

Later on we participated in Disney Trivia in one of the lounges and once again lost by just one point! One of the questions was how long is the Disney Magic? I was off by 1 foot! Come on! 

Our show for that night was Disney Dreams. Apparently this show has won some pretty prestigious award for cruise line entertainment but I think Disney's Believe is still my favorite show! This one was a blast though - SO cram packed with classic Disney characters!  

After the show we headed for dinner at Carioca's.  This restaurant has completely been redesigned during the Magic's Re-Imagining and has a very South American feel. The lighting fixtures are all paper lanterns and the back wall is a picture of a South American skyline at night. The other wall is designed to look like a neighborhood of doors and the floor to look like a stone cobbled path. 

 Before we left, I had read about Carioca's signature dish the Jose Carioca which is skewered sausage, lamb and tenderloin. While this dish tasted amazing, its the presentation is really what makes it a stand out.  You a presented a plate with Mexican tomato rice and one giant shrimp and then this medal horseshoe is placed above your plate where your server places each of the skewers. 

 Dessert that night was an ice cream sundae topped with caramelized apples. Every bite was amazing - and made me glad I had gone for my run that morning! 

Later that night, we went to the atrium for the "See Ya Real Soon" party where the crew and the characters come out to say goodbye. :( It only lasts for about half an hour and most of the lines were pretty long so we only got our picture taken with Minnie before we had to go back to our room and pack to get our luggage outside for it to get picked up. 

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