Monday, February 24, 2014

"Hello? Banana phone?" Expo and Royal Family 5k

I PROMISE I'll get back to my cruise recap but I wanted to recap the race weekend before I forgot all the fun I had.

To tell this story properly I have to go back about a week or so before Princess weekend started.  Originally, because Disney pushed back the Royal Family 5k to Friday and the Glass Slipper Challenge was costing enough money, I didn't sign up for it.  Anyway, about a week before my friend Joy put it out there that she had a bib she couldn't use. I so wanted to do it but it just didn't seem possible. THEN - all the cards fell into place. So we didn't have to have multiple cars there for the whole weekend, Dad offered to drive me down on Thursday, my friend Fran offered me a bed to crash in and I had a bib!  Okay I'm in!

Okay, here we go! Got to Disney Thursday morning, met up with Fran at Pop Century and then we were off to expo!  I was grateful for the extra hands to help pick up bibs and bags and pins and shirts and stickers...ugh! Finally it was time to go shopping!

Couldn't find my Clifhshots I needed so I picked up some Gu's to get me through. Defeated that I couldn't find my Clifshots (LOL) I headed over to the SparkleSkirt booth.   Okay, so I was planning to visit the SparkleSkirt booth anyway. My original plan was to sell the skirts that I have that are a little too big for me - but replace them before I sell anything.  Only trouble is, they didn't bring any of the skirts I need to replace! Oops!  But I DID end up picking up a new skirt.  YAY! And yeah I talked Fran into a SparkleLight....need to work on getting her into a SparkleTech LOL! Because as about 4 people at expo said "SparkleSkirts are better than tutus!"

After a while, Fran and I headed back to Pop Century to drop off our stuff then off to EPCOT to meet up some friends.  We ended up taking the bus to DHS then the boat to EPCOT which took a LONG time. By the time we got there I was starving so we headed for dinner at Katsura Grill in Japan.  Later, we met up with some friends who had reservations at Via Napoli and invited us to come. I didn't eat anything but it was fun to catch up!  Later in the evening, Beatrice, who was also staying with us for the night, got to EPCOT and met up with us at the French bakery.

  Since we had to be up at 3 AM we decided to call it a night before Illuminations.  Getting back to Pop was quite an adventure as the GPS in Beatrice's car was being special but we did get a REALLY close up view of the "bugs" in Illuminations!

The next morning, the alarm was set to go off at 3 (and my phone and the wake up call which when we picked it up was the Grim Grinning Ghosts. I found out later we were on hold).  We got up and dressed and headed over to EPCOT for the 5k.  This day I was dressed in my "costume" as one of my favorite Disney characters Sorcerer Mickey!

A simple costume but I liked it! As the morning went on we met up with our teammates, talked, laughed and took pictures.

 Having 3 days of races I probably should have walked the 5k but I get itchy and wanted to run!  Lucky for me, my friend Beatrice said she would run with me.  I guess I need to back up again...a couple of days before the weekend my friend Virginia decided she was too sick to do the 5k so asked if I knew of anyone who wanted to run the 5k with her and her husband's bibs. I asked and Beatrice became "Virginia" and Scott became "Harry"!

"Joy", "Harry" and "Virginia"

We ended up running the whole course but we definitely took our time, taking character pictures (no way we were getting in those lines - we would stand off to the side and get our pictures), took some selfies along the way and some videos.  One of our team traditions for the 5k is to stop and take a group shot in the Italian pavilion.  We were SO fast at this point (LOL)  it was just the two of us  so we did stop for Italy picture but as we were lining it up we here "AAAHH!" and feel someone run up behind us - it was our teammates Mike and Beth!  So instead of just the two of us we got a real group shot of the four of us!

Along the way, we continued to take pictures and send some silly videos to our friends (including a long distance call in the UK pavillion to our friend Emma. She didn't pick up LOL). We even found a guy who's shirt said "Hi I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!" - so we gave him a hug! LOL he seemed so grateful that someone finally gave him a hug!

 Before we knew it we were done and picked up our cute Cinderella medallion. As always RunDisney had food boxes and bananas! We were missing our friends so we tried to call them on the banana phone!   We waited around for a while for friends to finish and then it was back to the hotel to shower, get dressed and pack.  Later, I headed to EPCOT for what turned into a very busy morning.  I met up with Suzi who I was trading SparkleSkirts with and then met up with Maria and Alisa so I could meet Maria's mom (and Minnie's grandma! ;) ).

THEN, after seeing the fun we had in the morning my friend Deanna texted me and asked me if I could find her a bib. I thought less than 24 hours before the race there's no way I would find one but I've always been told "you don't know if you don't ask" so I put it out there on a Facebook group. Amazingly someone came back and said her brother in law couldnt run and she was selling his bib!  The funny part about it is the name on the bib was Albert (in a weekend all about Princesses and predominately female runners thats hilarious!) and it was a bib for corral A! I told Deanna she should run in A as it was a once in a life time chance but she decided to fall back to C with the rest of us.

I wasn't feeling any of the restaurants in the Boardwalk area so I went into the Screen Door store grabbed a microwave dinner mac and cheese and headed to bed early having to get up at 2:45 AM again. Ugh!

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