Monday, February 10, 2014

....And a little bit of pixie dust Disney Magic Day 2

Our first full day onboard the Disney Magic was spent in Nassau.  We actually chose not to get off there because we did the last cruise.....and were back on the ship within half an hour.

We started off our day with a walk around Deck 4....but that got cut short because they blocked off half the ship due to some work being done. Ugh, so much for getting a run in on the ship!  Oh well, just short of 2 miles and then we took the stairs down the two decks back to our room is pretty good start to our day.  We enjoyed a nice breakfast at Cabanas. Since we weren't getting off that ship that day, we enjoyed some nice quiet time reading and relaxing in the adult area.  Later we watched the end of Mulan on Funnelvision!

The rest of the day was pretty low-key. Lunch, nap, taking pictures around the ship. That night our show was "Twice-Charmed". A slightly different version of Cinderella where Lady Tremaine and the Stepsisters get one more shot at their happily ever after. I LOVED this show! And if that didn't make the perfect Disney day complete we were having dinner at Animator's Palate!  Having been on the Dream and the Fantasy I knew we were in for a special treat but knew this show would be different and was excited to see what they had done!  The entire restaurant is decorated with black and white sketches, columns made of paintbrushes and paint palates on the ceiling.  

The walls are covered in large  screens where we watched different characters being drawn.  Later, the drawings began to get colored in.

 Then, around the time dessert was being served the real show started - an amazing collection of the greatest Disney moments with all the good guys...and some of the bad, ending with a spectatular montage of how good always triumphs over evil and then....a very special guest came out ending with a parade of all of our waiters!  

As amazing as the "interactive" show on the Fantasy was I think THIS maybe my favorite Animator's Palate show! Well done Disney Cruise Line!

After dinner, we went for a walk around the ship and then headed back to our stateroom to be welcomed by a new towel animal.  

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