Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tips from the master!

Finally! It took me two months to get this on youtube but I got it! Last year I took my Dad to Guy Fieri (Food Network's Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host) 's Rock N' Roll Roadshow when it came to Chicago. Basically it was a lot of loud music, a little bit of cooking and Guy telling some GREAT stories. I snuck my camera in (with video capabilities) and was able to take a video of Guy telling about his unsuccessful attempt to Deep Fry a turkey.

DO NOT try this at home!


  1. Guy is a trip! There are quite a few dudes around here who fry turkeys at thanksgiving, so we just farm out that to one of those dudes...usually with pretty good results.
    We are Food Network junkies... started with Emeril - we started going to New Orleans, primarily to hit all the restaurants - been to all 3 he has in N.O. - plus pretty much all the others of note there (which are a LOT!)
    Would love to go to NY to hit the ones up there - I know Flay has one, Mario, maybe?
    I was reading a Food Network mag the other day in the doc's office, and saw where Guy just purchaced a lamborghinin...those cats are raking in $$$ - but he really hasn't changed from when he was in the FoodStar competition...that's cool. I would like to go check one of these tours out - but probably never will. We DID get Emeril at a book signing here - it was sad, they also had Body by Jake dude there signing his book - there wer like, 500 people there, easy - and ALL were there for Emeril - but you had to walk past the Jake dude to get to Emeril...felt sorry for the Jake dude - bet that is the last time they did a 'joint' signing...

  2. After Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel (and maybe Joe Rhode - the head of Disney Imagineering) Guy has the best job in the world! Have never been to Guy (or anybody elses restaurants....yet) but we try to hit all the Chicago restaurants that show up on Drivers Dine-Ins and Dives. A couple of weeks ago we went to Smoque - if youre ever downtown and need good BBQ GO THERE!

    Actually I lie, I have been to one of the big guy's restaurants - Wolfgang Puck has a couple of places at Disney. Best pizza on property!

  3. ...Is it just me, or does Samantha Brown favor Joan Blondell?

    Smoque...sounds like a winner, winner, BBQ-dinner!!!
    BBQ - REALLY big where I am - people talk about Memphis, Carolina, Texas - I have been to a few of those places in each region, and all have great BBQ, but B'ham 'que holds its own.

    It is funny - I am a UAB grad (Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham), and when we play football against Memphis each year, who is in our conference, the winner gets a LARGE trophy which is a bronze rack of ribs - they call the game 'Battle for the Bones'... there is also a BBQ cook-off before the game, etc... pretty cool stuff.

    Puck - hey, what happened to him? He had a show for a bit on FoodTV. We have California Pizza Kitchens - isn't that the Puck chain? We tried to go when it first opened, and the wait was like, 2 hours... a bit much - never went back - although the wait is probably not as bad now :-)

  4. Oh man yeah she does. I never realized it. I guess youre comparison is a nicer way of my Dad saying Sam has nice "shoulders" LOL. We were watching the Sam at Disney show once (of course) and she has a sleeveless top on showing her built shoulders and my Dad happened to comment. I was like "yeah Dad thats exactly what you were looking at".

    I think I saw a picture of Ginger and Joan together somewhere...Ill ahve to dig it out!

  5. heh, your dad is 'fond' of Ms. Brown? Well, tell him he isn't alone! Her adventures lead to some interesting attire... :-P
    I remember when she did commercials
    for 'Champion windows and siding'... she has gotten a bit too big for that now...
    She has this certain 'draw' to her...really not unlike Joan Blondell - so, he should in theory like JB also, right?
    Go check G-ology - I posted another 'odds and ends', and put the pic I had of Ginger and Joan up.
    I finally got going on converting the Ginger tape to MP3s - had to get the right cord, and it works great! I created the first 3 files...will be 12 total - 3 hours (!) of stuff.

  6. OMG! So excited about hearing "Ginger" in mp3! Im looking forward to loading the files onto my ipod - usually what I have on during my breaks at work. Nobody needs to know what Im listening to! I was thinking the other day about how cool it is what we are able to do with technology these days. I have all of G&Fs dance routines (well most of them) on my ipod. Imagine Im watching movies that were filmed nearly 3/4 of a century ago on my little bitty ipod!

  7. yeah, I need to get with the program, 'iThingie'-wise... thought about getting an iPhone, but we are hooked with Verizon, and my wife digs it - she is the 'phone guru' of the fam - I could honestly care less about having a cell phone - use it 3-4 times a day, tops, primarily to call my wife!
    I am going to make a concerted effort (whatever that means) to get the entire Ginger: My Story mp3s done by the end of the weekend...(there I go with 'goals' again...Ginger would be laughing about that!) I HAVE figured out the 'audacity' program, how to cut out stuff - one thing I am going to do is chop off The Ginger's singing in it, but the rest of it is a bit much... in fact, may just get the 'Ginger only' parts of a lot of tunes, such as 'call the whole thing off'... nothing against Fred, tho.
    I HOPEFULLY have another LPs worth of Ginger tunes headed to the abode..kinda worried all the snow and stuff around here has delayed it...hopefully will make it in this week.
    I'm off now to search for 'jukeboxes'...wish me luck, or at least safe travels!


  8. Im way ahead of you on the Continental thing. I cut it down to Ginger singing and the music that G&F dance to.

  9. know, you should see if you could start raking in some $$$ with this stuff! You are without a doubt the blogosphere's #1 OGRE!!!

    BTW - I received the '38 TIME mag with Ginger on the cover - it reviews the Castles, and has a decent writeup on Ginger... The first of the article mentioned, "...the dance team of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire." YES! A Gingerologist from years past!!!
    OK - I am going to crank up the Ginger:My Story - side two convert to mp3... you know, I could do the 'YouShare' deal...that might be as good or better than trying to figure out the 'jukebox' deal, and then folks can get the files, too, which is cool with me, it being public domain and all, right? ...RIGHT??? :-)

  10. You know it might be. Im thinking a jukebox would play the files automatically and sometimes you just dont want that to happen - Ginger or not! Lets do a little more research

  11. BTW, The Continental. I made that file. Started with the regular file with the other people singing and the other dancing music and just cropped it down in Audacity. It was taking too much space on my customized Ginger and Fred CD - by the way whoever wrote that article in my new favorite writer!

  12. ...well, still haven't set up YouShare...dang it, it just seems like weekends are ALWAYS more busy than they need to be...

    I think Audacity is gonna work out pretty nice for a lot of this stuff... just need to 'transfer' the LP tunes in...

  13. You'll get there - looking forward to all the "goodies". Like I said, set up your account and set stuff to upload and just leave it overnight! I often do that with torrents and with any luck I have a movie by morning!

  14. I would just love a copy of Ginger's "My Story" on mp3!! Was this posted already? :):)

  15. Not as far as I know. VKMfan is in charge of that!

  16. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! It would be so great to hear it! :):)